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Reviews of GRITtales

I was so touched by the inclusivity and the love in the author's tone. A great way to discuss loss with younger kids. (Pat, Pat Squish)

A great short read with great discussion questions for the family to share with one another. A must read with children and teachers. (All GRITtales)

My six year old read Kirsten Joan's books, cover to cover in one sitting and then wanted me to read them with her and then had me read them to her...yep, three times in a row, both books!
Joan is a wordsmith of the highest caliber, merging fantasy, realism and broaching difficult subject matter with an ease and eloquence which is joyful to absorb! Fantastic!

I loved your story. It’s my favorite so far. Great lesson and I love how it digs into the fact that people tend to say and do things for their comfort more than the person they view as “in over their head” on something because they look disabled or challenged. Just a beautiful story. (More Than My Shell)