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If you like fun tales illustrating universal commonality to prompt conversations about disability awareness, you’ll love GRITtales.

Kirsten Joan has been writing since the age of seven and has never stopped. After publishing monthly articles in several online nonfiction magazines, she moved from Arizona to Virginia to start an Indie Author career in 2016. She wanted to represent more disabled characters in fiction, being disabled herself.
She began her career as a counselor for both children and adults as well as advising college students for more than fifteen years. Being disabled since 2004, she knows the meaning of having GRIT.
Diagnosed with MS in 1999, she is also a breast cancer survivor since 2020. When not writing, she awaits the invention of a pair of wings instead of a scooter as a mobility device.

Her aim is to make reading accessible to all, especially within the disabled community. Please contact her with suggestions to make it the best!