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Image Descriptions (ID)

The logo of GRITtales is the word GRITtales on a white background with a picture of a flying fish emerging from the water below it. The water looks like a book. This logo/brand/publisher signifies having GRIT to find your glory!
All tales are published independently by GRITtales. 

Kirsten Joan is a Caucasian woman with short brown hair, sitting at a table, smiling, and resting her right hand on her right cheek. She is wearing a gray and white sports jacket. There are two photos on either side of her head in the background. To the left is a black-and-white photo of a young girl being given a rose by a young boy. This photo was a gift from her brother in support of their mutual artistic temperaments. The other photo on the right is a promotional poster of a PRINCE Glam Slam performance called “Ulysse” that occurred on August 21, 1993, in Los Angeles.

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